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Detective Investigation Service

You doubt about something like: evidence of crime, adultery, finding lost relatives ... and want to verify the truth. Seek investigative detective service to gather evidence for assistance.

What is the evidence?

Evidences are real things, collected in the correct order and used as a basis to determine whether or not there is an offense. Therefore, the investigation to gather evidence is extremely important.

What evidence are collected and investigated from?

These may be exhibits collected during an investigation; or witness testimony. It may also be electronic archived data; or conclusions of inspection agencies; records when conducting investigations or may be other documents related to the case.

All evidence should be collected in the correct order, ensuring the objective truth. If false information is detected, intentionally distorted to the truth, the evidence will be invalidated and not legally valid.

The skills required of an investigative detective office to gather evidence

Collecting evidence is a very important stage of the truth-clarification process. Collection of evidence must be parallel to the examination, evaluation and use of evidence, including civil or criminal. Therefore, detectives need certain skills:

Objective and honest:

Evidence relating to the conviction of another guilty or innocent person. Therefore, in the process of investigating and gathering evidence, the detective must stand neutral, objective and very rational, not because of affection but biased for either side.


Awake and alert

There are many cases of false evidence, intentionally blaming innocent people and getting caught in the net. When collecting evidence, detectives need to be alert, make logical arguments to determine whether the source of evidence is accurate or not?

The bravery and boldness

When collecting evidence, detectives also face many difficulties, obstacles, even life-threatening. In order to find evidence, they need to be brave, more brave, sometimes desperate to fight bad guys to protect the evidence.

Frequently questioned?

Although evidence is gathered, detectives also need to ask themselves, connecting important links from the evidence to see if it makes sense. Any shortcomings? Even many detectives need to anticipate the jury questions about the reliability of evidence.

Must comply with the provisions of law:

Investigating evidence is a very complex activity. It requires, detectives must have high professional experience. However, detectives must also be limited to the extent permitted by Law, such as: Do not use unrighteous tricks to get evidence.

Interview skills and psychological tactics

This point is very important if you want to get testimony from the witness. When you ask the question, you need to be clever, both strong and needy to exploit the witness's information. Sometimes, detectives will encounter witnesses who use the "silence" authority or deliberately distort the truth. At that time, you need to use psychological tactics, understand the opponent's weaknesses and slowly exploit. Many detectives have discovered the truth when wits and psychological battles with criminals and witnesses.

Devices that support the process of gathering evidence

In order for the evidence to be objective, if it is an object, the deliverer and the receiver must be accompanied by witnesses. For taking testimony, a camera, tape recorder or recording pen are required to record images or audio to ensure the reliability of evidence. In addition, you can use more: location devices, access cameras ...

In disputes or criminal proceedings, investigations gather evidence to prove that it takes a long time. Detective also need to practice patience, meticulous. That way, we can gather evidence to help customers win disputes.

In addition, Thien Long detective service investigates evidence collection needs to commit to the absolute confidentiality of all information exchanged, collecting evidence related to customers with a third party. This avoids disclosing information to the outside and avoiding more complicated disputes.

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