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Adultery Should Look How?

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Adultery Should Look How?

Romantic, loving messages between a man and a woman ... Should it be "living" and praising

I took a sip of wine, laughed at the crowd around me ... beautiful, scary masks hanging from their faces, invisible masks also sticking to some of the faces I knew ... This mask is not easy to remove after this Halloween night. The noisy and loud noise, the soft music, the melody of mambo craze, the tiempo, the take me inside, the music and the whispers of the songs make people want to drink something to Fly to the moon and pick the stars.

The man standing next to me also took a few sips of red wine, sipped a little brie, a little chedar cheese, he had known me for a few years, I considered a brother when he was close and sometimes strange. sometimes like the new glass. The woman standing next to me also sipped her wine and ate the dishes repeatedly, she said: drinking must eat a lot to avoid a stomach ache ... The man smiles, and he exclaims: it is very lovely ... I love your story so much! He gasped, seeming to admire the woman standing next to me. The woman smiled happily, and contentedly, she read to us the messages of a man absent tonight. Romantic, full of love messages between a man and a woman.

This woman told me the story of her waiting until the middle of the night to come to this man, or leaving the house early in the morning to see him, the story of two people in love in the morning and afternoons, a love story. , I don't know if it is love or not, but it is a passionate love story, I don't know what kind of passion, but it is a story that makes people feel lightheaded as if they are walking in the clouds or dreaming when listening. to tell.

The man standing next to me said: I really admire you, I dare to live with my emotions and speak out my feelings ... there are many others who have the same things, but they hide and never tell the truth. The woman took another gulp of wine, and read another text she had just sent from the absent man ... the content of the news was that his son asked why he was sitting in the yard drinking alone and his eyes were red. such. The man standing next to me nodded and said, this guy is so cute.

I also nodded, felt the cuteness of this hand, felt the innocence of the boy as well, and there was an extra sense of heaven falling, feeling sorry. Feeling like aliens stray into a ceremony for the souls who know they only have power for one night, so they appear as ghosts and unleash the full definition of the two words. "real life ".

I looked at the man standing beside me just a few inches away, and found him far away. I looked at the woman reading the jubilant text and found myself falling behind.

Just because I don't have the feeling of love and admiration for this love story. Just because I was a little busy thinking about a certain woman, the wife of the absent man, had just given him another child just two months old. Just because I was busy thinking of a certain man, the husband of the woman standing next to me, was calling his wife and she hadn't picked up. Just because I thought of a girl growing up, the daughter of the man standing next to me, if one day, her daughter would get married, and this husband would treat the same girl, then would he still admire a certain woman having an affair with some son-in-law's hand would be very cute of him? Or someday, the children of the woman next to me will get married, and the girls' husbands will also have dreamlike love stories like this, then the woman standing next to me will sympathize with his abandoned daughters. Or is it still on the side of the women who "live" and hail hulking to paint lipstick on lips for adulterers?

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