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Detective Services Track Child Management Supervision

Monitoring, Monitoring, Child Management Service is A Service that is Being highly appreciated by Many Parent Customers at Tan Thien Long Detective.

I. The current need to monitor, supervise and manage children:

Children are a valuable asset of every parent, every customer. At the same time, it is also easy to be confronted by bad people to entice your children into the fall. Because teenagers are still at an age of learning, are less likely to collide with complex social issues, be receptive to information without knowing whether it's right or wrong.

However, due to the busy business, there is no time to manage the children, causing them to fall into traps and evils of society. When we are parents, what must we do?

Service detective supervision and management of Tan Thien Long's children is the most professional.

Understanding all the fears of parents, Tan Thien Long detective service company has created a monitoring service to monitor and manage children 24/7.

II. The child management monitoring service in Tan Thien Long will help customers:

Monitor whether your children go to school? If not, where to go, which address? Go with somebody?

Investigate what friends your child is interacting with, which is good or bad?

Investigate whether your child is involved in any social evils: drug, betting, gambling, gaming addiction,? How is the level?

Follow-up verify where your child is going home late, going to the night? With whom?

Our detective team will help you transport and protect your children from bad social elements: theft, kidnapping, traffic collision ...

Tan Thien Long advises parents how to manage and direct their children in accordance with their children's abilities, the circumstances and practical conditions of each family.

III. The methods of management, monitoring and supervision of professional children in Tan Thien Long:

1. Monitoring software for locating children via phone:

This is the monitoring software installed on your phone, it helps us know where our children are, whether they go to school or not. We support the installation of surveillance software on phones with the latest technology.

2. Service of driving cum bodyguards to pick up and protect children to school:

Recently, many cases of blackmail abduction are showing signs of increasing, and the target of this target group is the children of families with conditions. With this service, Tan Thien Long will provide an accompanying shuttle to protect your children when leaving home.

3. Follow up Monitor 24/7 activities of children:

This is a secret monitoring service when your child is a hard-to-protect child, but these two services are not suitable. We will show your children where to go, what to do, who to meet, whether to go to school or not 24/7 secretly.

4. Special child management services:

With this service, the detective company Tan Thien Long will send a competent staff to protect your children, guide learning, and share the thoughts of your children. your own is away from bad environments and getting better.

IV. Process of hiring monitoring and supervising services for children:

monitor and supervise the management of detective children Tan Thien Long

Step 1: Please call the hotline / zalo number for our advice and preliminary expense report.

Step 2: Customers prepare information related to their children: full name, photo, transportation, address, ... to discuss with us.

Step 3: Make an appointment to exchange information between customers and the company at the detective office or an appropriate location according to customer requirements. If customers do not have time to meet face-to-face, they can request procedures for hiring a simple detective via zalo / email but still have enough contractual commitments between the two parties.

Step 4: Agree costs and terms between the two parties, sign a service contract.

Step 5: Tan Thien Long proceeds strictly according to the signed contract and reports regular updates to customers.

V. Expenses for supervision and management services for children:

Because this is a set of detective services, each customer case has a different fee for hiring a detective. For details, please contact hotline / zalo: 094.666.4007 or mailbox

Payment: Please order 50% of the service charge in advance. You can pay by cash or bank transfer under our website.

BECAUSE. Why do many customers trust the monitoring and management service of Tan Thien Long's children:

Accurate information: we update information continuously with report images in accordance with customers' requirements.

A team of dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable human physiological staff of young people are willing to listen, share, and advise their children's children.

Consulting, consulting customers on how to handle situations to thoroughly solve all problems so effectively and best ...

Absolute confidentiality of information: We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, their clients, and the confidentiality of supervising children.

Reasonable low cost for each customer case.

Trusted by thousands of customers to introduce their loved ones to use the service.

Thank you for your interest in the monitoring and management service for children of Tan Thien Long detective. Whenever you need to use the service, please contact the hotline / zalo to be consulted and answered all questions./

Wishing you a peaceful and happy day.

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