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Thám Tử Tân Thiên Long - Tan Thien Long Detective
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Detective Service Tu Tan Thien Long Tan Tam, Prestige, Cheap Price

Tan Thien Long Private Detective Service with a team of professional Detective, lots of experience in investigation, tracking will always be the perfect partner for you!

We are proud to be a detective team of Tan Thien Long with highly professional, sensitive and knowledgeable customers. We always put the interests and interests of our customers in each operation, and consult the detective services and the most appropriate problem solving solution. With extensive knowledge always updated and learned, along with the true skills of a private detective, we have helped many customers with absolute reliability. The ability to handle sensitive issues and clear, unbiased reports helps customers put their trust in Tan Thien Long detective service 100%. Tan Thien Long detective is always a place for customers to find when they need to solve problems that they can not solve alone.

The detective services Tan Thien Long provide suitable for both businesses and individuals. Analysis and operational services from Tan Thien Long ensure the absolute confidentiality, and clearly provide detailed and detailed working schedules and reports. Here are the array of services we provide:

- Positioning equipment for cars and motorcycles

- Supervising students

- Searching for the missing, fleeing

- Help the lawyer's office find evidence

- Investigate security of companies and enterprises

- Monitor and supervise as required

- Tracking phone numbers -

- Searching for license plates

- Investigate, track adultery

The detective team at Tan Thien Long has a deep understanding of people, situations, geographical locations, personal psychology and understanding of industry fields. This is the premise for a team of private detectives to be able to operate anywhere, every field, with different people. We have collected and investigated a variety of information that benefits our clients, while ensuring confidentiality in our actions. The skills and skills are always trained and tested by professional private detectives of detective Tan Thien Long.

Many customers, from individuals to businesses, who have been using the services of Tan Thien Long Detective Service always give us positive feedback. This helps the Tan Thien Long detective service to affirm its position as a professional and reputable private detective in the profession, being the leading unit in cooperation with lawyer's offices, businesses and cashew organizations. Look up in different professions.

We are proud to bring our customers the most professional and effective private detective service. When you are in need of a private detective service, contact us immediately by phone.

Hotline: 0983949007

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