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Detective Service Investigates Lovers' Relationships

The service of investigating lover relationships is one of the elite detective services trusted and used by thousands of domestic and foreign customers in Tan Thien Long.

I. Reasons customers come to lover relationship investigation service:

With a long experience in private detective work, according to Tan Thien Long, customers often look to the service of investigating the relationship of love including the following cases:

Service investigating lover relationships

1. Love through social networks:

With the current development of social networks such as facebook, zalo, viber, ... flirting, love each other via social networks, online dating sites are very normal. However, when you want to enter into a real relationship, it is essential to find out what the other person really is: family, career, surrounding relationships, etc.

2. You are doubting your unfaithful lover:

After a period of time together, you find that the person you love shows signs of familiarity with other objects such as: lying about schedules, or calling texting strangers, spending unreasonably, indifferently when the party each other, listen to information from different streams ... So you want to find out whether in addition to yourself, the person you love has any other emotional relationship.

Detective Tan Thien Long is a long-term detective company in Vietnam with its headquarters in Hanoi Saigon with many branches in other major cities and provinces. The team of experienced Tan Thien Long detectives with high professional qualifications ensures to provide accurate information at the request of our customers.

II. When wishing to use the relationship investigation service, customers need to follow these steps:

explore the relationship of detective lover Tan Thien Long

1. Preparing necessary information: full name, address of home, work, photos, phone number, means of transport, social network nick, ... of the object to be investigated.

2. Call the hotline / zalo for advice and cost reporting to customers' requirements.

3. Meet and exchange information at the office or an appropriate location according to customer requirements. We serve customers outside office hours. If customers can not come to the office, Tan Thien Long can go to the customer area to consult and sign a contract.

4. Agree to terms and sign a contract.

III. The process of investigating the relationships of the lover Tan Thien Long's lover:

Get information that customers provide.

Schedule and plan of information investigations.

By professional detective investigating, tracking, verifying object information as required.

Hand over and provide accurate information to customers via: zalo, gmail, ... or in person.

The entire investigation process is absolutely confidential and not known to third parties.

IV. Expenses and methods of payment service of investigation of lover relationships:

Because each case, specific subjects have different costs. To know the specific cost of hiring a detective, please call the hotline / zalo.


After agreeing on the cost and terms, please pay 50% of the service charge in advance.

Payment methods:

Customers pay in cash or transfer via bank account of Tan Thien Long.

V. Why do many customers trust to use the love relationship investigation service at detective Tan Thien Long:

The benefit of customers when using the prestigious detective service of Tan Thien Long is always on top priority.

The process of hiring a detective is simple and fast. If you do not have time, you can exchange jobs via our hotline / zalo.

Confidentiality of customer information and the entire task, do not share this data with any other 3rd party individuals without the consent of customers.

Reasonable low cost with customer request from 800,000 VND / day.

A team of professional detective professionals experienced in the field of tracking, surveillance, investigation, verification and information provision.

Provide and report accurate information to customer requirements in the form of messages, email, zalo, viber ...

100% compensation for costs if the customer handover information is incorrect.

Thousands of customers trust the service in Tan Thien Long. Most customers in Tan Thien Long were introduced and trusted by acquaintance services.

Thank you for your interest in the investigation service for lover relationships of detective Tan Thien Long. If you need advice, please contact the hotline / zalo to be consulted and answered all questions. Wishing you a peaceful and happy day.

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