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Detective Service For Overseas Vietnamese People

Which Prestige Service for Overseas Detective Service in? Hire Detective For Foreigners? These are 2 of the Many Questions Customers Ask When Wishing to Hire Detective In Vietnam.

The private investigator service for Viet Kieu (Vietnamese people living in Vietnam for a long time) is one of the excellent services of Tan Thien Long detective company which is favored by many domestic and overseas Vietnamese customers. appreciate.

Detective Tan Thien Long is one of the three most reputable and oldest detective companies in Vietnam. The company is headquartered in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) and Hanoi, along with many branches in major cities and provinces such as Hai Phong, Nghe An, Da Nang, Thanh Hoa, Nha Trang, ... reputable detectives across the country and Southeast Asia, probably over the past 10 years, the brand of Tan Thien Long detective service has been so familiar to customers wishing to investigate and provide information in Vietnam.

I. Reasons customers come to detective service for overseas Vietnamese in Tan Thien Long:

With long-standing experience in the field of private detectives plus thousands of customers who trust and use the service, detective Tan Thien Long summarizes the reasons customers seek detective services for overseas Vietnamese at the company. we:

- You living and working abroad suspect your partner in Vietnam has an illicit relationship with other people, verify 3rd person information.

- Parents are worried that their children in Vietnam will go to good schools and have some interaction with other subjects.

- Verifying information that the lover in Vietnam is in the stage of learning and preparing for marriage: what is the family situation, what kind of person is it, whether there is currently a relationship more than friends in Vietnam .

- Looking for long-lost loved ones in Vietnam.

- You want to ask private detectives to verify information about companies, businesses, organizations, individuals, real estate, ... you are intending to invest or cooperate in business.

- You live far away from home, but your relatives in Vietnam are threatened with mental and life by bad people, so you need to find security services to ensure the safety of your relatives in Vietnam. .

- And other services in Vietnam at the request of customers.

II. When wishing to use detective service for Viet Kieu, customers follow these steps:

1. Prepare information, if any, about the subject: full name, photo, home address, company address, ... in Vietnam or other areas to provide for private detectives.

2. Call hotline / zalo 094.666.4007 or email: for specific advice and service fee. Then make an appointment with us, meet and exchange specific information at the detective office or an address that customers find appropriate. We provide services both outside office hours and at the locations where customers live and work, so if needed, please contact Tan Thien Long immediately. If customers in foreign countries do not have conditions for direct exchange, they can do procedures via zalo / email and still have a full contract of commitment between the two parties.

3. Agree to terms and contracts.

4. The detectives conduct information investigations in accordance with customer requirements.

5. Reporting regular information to customers: photos, videos via zalo, viber, gmail, ..

All transactions and communications of our customers are strictly confidential, we do not share this data with any individual or organization without our written consent. .

III. Expenses and payment methods when using detective services for overseas Vietnamese:

Depending on each customer's requirements, there will be different costs. For details of fees, please contact directly via the hotline or Or can refer here.

Is it expensive to hire a detective?

Payment methods:

Please pay 50% of detective service fee as agreed in the contract in advance.

- You can pay by cash or bank transfer in Vietnam below the website we provide.

- Current customers not in Vietnam can pay via Weston Union or private money transfer company or through relatives of customers in Vietnam.

IV. Commitment of our company to customers who are overseas Vietnamese or foreigners:

1. Consulting services to enthusiastic customers 24/7 both on holidays and New Year holidays.

2. Advice to thoroughly solve problems of customers in Vietnam as well as abroad.

3. Strictly protect customers' personal information both before and after the contract ends.

4. Highly qualified, experienced detective team with relationships with information supply points in Vietnam.

5. Guaranteed 100% accurate information when handing over to customers.

6. Simple procedure if the customer does not live in Vietnam or does not have time to come to our office.

7. Reasonably low service costs to meet the needs, we do not collect any additional fees without reporting to customers.

8. Refund if the information is incorrect as agreed by the two parties.

9. Tan Thien Long provides more than 20 professional detective services to meet all overseas Vietnamese customers.

10. Thousands of Tan Thien Long customers have used the service and trusted to recommend to friends and relatives at home and abroad about us.

Thank you for your interest in the detective service for Viet Kieu at Tan Thien Long detective. For advice on detective services, please contact hotline / zalo very pleased to serve you. Wishing you a peaceful and happy day.

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