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Do adultery men love their lovers?

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Do adultery men love their lovers?

In love, we must all have experienced jealousy and grief because of an obsession called the "third person". Do adultery men love their lovers?

This obsession may be just an invisible, unrealistic thing imagined by lovers when people love to blame it as the cause of the rift in their relationship. But sadly, in many stories, the "third person" is a true obsession, it has been ruining many love, even when that love is in the most beautiful stage.

I have witnessed marriages with the third people. These are not cases of passages, playing across the street or just to satisfy ...

Referring to "adultery" we often think of the case that men are traitors rather than women. It is often said that, for men, unfaithfulness, greed in love is an instinct. The breakdowns that adultery men bring are immense, and really this is not a new issue.

Stories of betrayal of men in love are appearing more and more frequently on social networks, in newspapers, in daily life stories ... and its consequences are many thousands . If light, the condemnation of insiders, netizens, of society, more terrible than violent jealousy.

But it seems that adultery is always a problem for many relationships, whether in love or when love has been "bound" by the marriage registration. In order to explain this "obviously wrong" work of men, a lot of scientific research has been done, especially studies on men's psychology. Psychologists point to three deficiencies in love that make men commit adultery: a lack of attention and affection from the other person; lack of romance, admiration in love and lack of sexual response. Yet women, especially those who are victims of adultery by husbands or boyfriends, in addition to wanting to find out the cause of infidelity, they always want to know one thing: "is he real affection for your lover? ".

Women when in love always have altruism and admirable sacrifices. Many people are willing to suppress pain, heart wounds to retain love even though his man has been one, even a few times betrayed. Many women when having an affair husband always say that "a lover is just a walk, and a wife is really life". For many women, as long as a man is sorry and loves them, he will not hesitate to ignore his self-esteem, ignore all trauma to continue the path of love.

Adultery that is condemned by people in parallel with its stimulation is entirely possible risks and fear begins from there.

But in fact, looking at many "horrific jealousy" cases, the man was ready to stand out to defend his mistress. Or there are also many stories of adultery, after the affair, the man chose his lover as the next happy destination. So really, the feelings of men with women they adultery really exist?

Men at the beginning of adultery often do not love new partners but affection in affair can develop very quickly.

According to a psychological study, men choose adultery as a method of renewing their lives. When they start an "off-line" relationship with their new lover, they will have "illusions" in their minds about the new person. The image of their lover at first is often built to fill the shortcomings, even contrary to the traits he likes in his wife and current lover. For example, if his woman is too considerate to pamper, men will prefer to find a somewhat arrogant, cold partner for him to conquer.

Men will easily become infatuated with new people, but in fact he does not love their true self but the ideal person he imagined. In addition, the first phase of the "love affair" is the time when men find themselves particularly valuable, so they always feel like they want to continue the relationship.

But over time, men may realize that their lover is not really as great as imagined, but they still do not seem to "voluntarily" end the relationship. Even this is the time of their love with their lover grows fast and the most powerful. Love will go to the stage of sympathy, sharing, acceptance and it can be said that love has really arisen at this stage.

Most adultery men do not deny that they have feelings for their lovers

When asked frankly about their feelings for their lovers, the men "eat cha cha" most recognize, though more or less, their feelings for the third person is true. They also feel like protecting, loving, caring for their lovers like their wives or lovers. Moreover, those who adultery when asked also said that in addition to feeling love, he also feels hurt and disadvantage for the third person. Maybe the feeling of "love" pushed the men

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