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Adultery: On both sides

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Adultery: On both sides

My 90-year-old grandparents still call each other siblings like newlyweds, still angry about trivial things, and maybe they love each other more than 70 years ago. Marriage has the cost of marriage. And adultery too.

“Men commit adultery for sex, women commit adultery for love. Men 10 adultery, 9 boys do not leave his wife. 10 women have an affair, 10 girls want to leave their husband. "

The story of adultery, at least for a child who doesn't have as much faith in sustainable marriages as I do, is not surprising. The binding string, called "Marriage Certificate", has been really fragile for a long time, but it was not as smooth and full as it is until now. Intellectuals are sent to study, practice or study abroad, away from home, away from their families, so (accidentally) that lonely souls come together. Those who went to Eastern Europe under the labor export category, men and women gathered in residential areas, contributed rice to cook rice, confided in the morning, and gradually turned into a blanket.

Once in a funny story, I asked my best friend, why are men cheating? He laughed, huh, "we are arms race you understand?". I honestly did not understand. He wholeheartedly explained this, "When the street was tired, I had a lot of fun with respect to the genre of" cunning "and" fortifying "benefits, going home to meet my wife, who thought she was her child. He had to sit down, he had to wear a pink shirt, he had to wear a pink shirt, he said that if he ate this delicious, he had to nod yes. So we men like to gather herds, like to drink and talk to the breeze, even if they come to the third glass, whoever says that guy will listen, but we can say what we like. Then one day a guy in the group went out to drink with his brother, a young girl, with a nice beauty, called yes, raised his glasses, and he said anything to him and cheered him too good, too good. So we have to follow it, the psychology of the crowd, the psychology of the men, you understand? Buying the latest iPhone is easy ... so paired with young people, mainly in the service industry, whistling I also praised, but some women like us now, whistling also complains that yellow teeth are dull, sitting next I can also read you brush your teeth with PS or Aquafresh, it is very hard ... ”. Then it concludes: "As long as the matriarchy in this country has not been eradicated, there will still be no end to it."

I do not deny nor agree with my friend. Sometimes in a chat with the girlfriends, he heard that he left his wife and the girl left her husband, the main reason was also adultery. The reasons for adultery are numerous, in addition to the reasons as my friend joked above, it is also because of the aggressive character, because of the habit of adolescent. There are also reasons for starting points such as marriages such as "wedding doctor", "filling in the blank", "playing with prizes", or "trying to play" ... There is this guy even boldly proclaimed to the family and friends of his wife, that I went out to play wherever I went, I still did my duty as my husband (so please do not have any idea). Then can it be called too much?

But to say it must also say again, women in fact also adultery. Another guy with a reputation for being well-versed in school, playing a lot, and everything he shows, he swung his hands and said: “Men cheated on sex, women cheated on emotions. Men 10 adultery, 9 boys do not leave his wife. 10 women adultery, 10 she asked to leave her husband. " Women who commit adultery, obviously due to lack of affection, loneliness in their own home, or disillusionment with their husband (think) "dzách". The women who aspire to love are very intense, very passionate and also very pitiful. There is also another group, dreaming of a model that is handsome and gallant, but in fact, lying every night, their bellies are sagging and dragging, so they have a hidden memory, and they accidentally arise. called "adultery in thought".

The reason is many, because he is at her, both sides, rather than blaming either side. But if asked, how to restrict, I think, no one can give anyone the most legitimate advice. I always believe that only insiders understand what they need and what they need to do most. There are things to keep, there are things that are not worth binding.

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