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8 Things To Do When You Know Your Adulterous Husband

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8 Things To Do When You Know Your Adulterous Husband 1

8 Things To Do When You Know Your Adulterous Husband

Should jealousy when husband cheated? Or do when the husband adultery? what to do if you found out your husband is cheating?

I. Does your husband have an affair?

Being a wife if you find your partner has many strange signs in everyday activities such as: going home late from work, often on business trips, changing appearance, changing frequency of sex, many vague expenditures or bad rumors about her husband. First, you often confirm your suspicion of your adulterous husband by observing and thoroughly researching relevant information. If possible, go to a reputable private detective service company to investigate whether your doubts are true or false.

II. Things not to do when your husband has an affair:

Everyone after discovering her husband cheating on her exactly, the feelings of the woman will be extremely angry, bitter, shocked ... We will never be able to give an action behave properly if you cannot calm down and let your anger control you. The following are things you should not do when you know your husband is having an affair:

You make a fuss and go home to your parents: This will create a shame for your husband and create a polluted atmosphere, a distance far enough to push the other away forever because for men, self-esteem Weight is very important. Do not tell this story to the two families (even if you are close to your mother-in-law, sisters-in-law).

You demand a divorce as soon as you know he has an affair: Divorce will be the end of your marriage forever. Not sure if the act of adultery is partly due to your fault, one day you look back, sometimes you have to say "if only".

Jealous third person: Women have adultery husband, do not jealous do. Working with those who are shorter than you is yourself being lowly. If you hire jealous people, you will become less culturally and worse in your husband's eyes. He will think that you have changed into a worse person and maybe your marriage is no longer hopeless. In addition to humiliating or neglecting to cause permanent injury to another person, you may be criminally prosecuted before the law.

Jealousy when adulterous husband risks being handled criminally

III. Find out the causes of adultery:

After keeping his temper, the wife should find out why her husband went to exile, his fault or in himself, to have a plan to cling to the marriage. The following are some causes of adulterous husband that Tan Thien Long psychologists summarize:

- Marriage is not happy, husband and wife fight all day long.

- Husband and wife don't live near each other, husband goes on business.

- Because 2 people didn't get along well.

- Because pregnant wife does not meet the physiological needs of her husband.

- Wife does not care for appearance, becomes ugly in front of husbands.

- Because the couple could not have a son.

- Due to the romantic nature of the husband.

- Husband was seduced by another woman.

- Due to outside temptations: office, alcohol, friends ...

IV. Seek marriage and marriage counseling.

Psychologists are experienced people, you can easily confide, share your thoughts about your married life. By experience they will advise you, what is your marriage status? Is there any more salvation or let go? Advice you on how to overcome this difficult period.

V. The way to treat intelligent husband adultery.

Men who adultery all want to expand, not lose the family they have built. But the process of loosening no matter how energetic, or how successful they are, that their "From the Citadel" message is in danger of being occupied by an unknown person, they will give up to take care of it. Fort. Here are some ways to treat intelligent husband adultery:

1. Pretending that someone is flirting with you:

The way to treat an adulteress is to be mysterious about the time and the time, don't let him know where you are so well? What? Send gifts and flowers on your own card and write sweet words and send them when your husband is home. The husband asked, then said the old friend sent. Buy a new sim and text ".. care about your wife, keep it"

2. Play the role of boyfriend, husband:

When you know exactly your husband is with her, you can send flowers, sensitive gifts with sweet words of love to her address. Use the new phone number to send a picture of the message to the husband's phone as a lover, her husband: "If you are married, will you go back to your wife and children, do not touch my girlfriend / wife If you don't want to bear the consequences. "

3. Hire people to flirt with your husband's beautiful young girlfriend:

If you can find a beautiful young man, play to interrupt that affair. Most of the beautiful young mistresses of the husband are mostly money-loving, the assets of your husband. Be prepared to spend money on appointments, expensive gifts to win your husband's love. Each appointment you follow followers and record the couple. The best evidence is the image of two people intimate or entering the hotel together. Men have great self-esteem, when he saw that image would be thrown into a bucket of cold water, cherished by his beautiful young girlfriend.

BECAUSE. Should give the husband the opportunity to return?

And of course a man who appreciates the family will know where the shore is, otherwise the wife will be willing to let go without regret.

Beat the runners, not the runners.

Although the person is at fault, but once the husband has regrets and wants to start with his wife, why do you not give him a chance?

When the pain is at its peak, anyone thinks it's hard to forgive, but when you calm down, you'll find yourself needing to learn how to forgive when your husband commits adultery to keep the family home, little. especially for you guys. That is the way to behave when the husband adultery of the smartest women.

Going or staying is a really difficult decision for many people, because forgiveness is one thing but to trust him once again is another. Only when you are sure of everything, feel comfortable and confident enough to continue on the road ahead, come back!

VII. Love and beautify yourself.

First, women - must be beautiful! Remember: ‘‘ Girls love with their ears. Boys love with their eyes ’'. There are no men who don't like beautiful women. Especially the beautiful woman is his wife. You will be very proud! Know how to take care of your beauty. Appearance not only helps you keep your husband, but it is also an effective way of working relationships.

Next, a beautiful flower is one that has both color and aroma. The beauty of the soul also needs to be focused on building and fostering. Knowledge, practical knowledge, soft skills, behavior, ... - It will all on your behalf tell people around who you are, where you are, whether you should associate with you or not. or not. A woman with beauty only attracts transient men. And whoever is beautiful, both men and women will make a man besides me love him, respect me, respect me and want to stick with me forever.

VIII. Buddha taught what to do when her husband committed adultery.

The predestined couple is not simple, predestined to have a new debt. The karmic debt of this spouse is due to the causal relationship from the previous lives to this life.

There are couples living peacefully together, but suddenly the adulterous spouse leads to unhappiness in family life. This can be explained in two ways:

Firstly, it is possible that the misfortune that the spouse has suffered is the result of some debt in a previous life.

Secondly, if it were not for the debt owed in the past, it would be the spouse who created a new career, which would have to be paid later.

Whoever it is, whether you believe in or the law of cause and effect, or not, everyone is certainly subject to it. Sow good and evil, pick good and evil, meet evil and cause evil, morality in life is never wrong.

The Buddha taught, "Everything in the world is transformed and impermanent." We always suffer because we hope this love is forever.

Thank readers for your interest in the article "What to do when your husband cheated on" by Tan Thien Long. If you have any questions and support, please contact Tan Thien Long via hotline 24/7. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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