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8 secrets to a sweet married life

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8 secrets to a sweet married life

Before marriage, we always imagine the image of happiness after marriage, but when two people really live together, they constantly lose love for each other due to conflicts and real life.

After all, how should we maintain our affection for our fiance from the beginning, keep the sweet, warm feelings before marriage, go together until the end of life?

Here are 8 tips for couples to get married life is always sweet to the "silver head long teeth":

1. Refrain less, understand more

Each person has shortcomings, there will be times when they say wrong, do wrong, if in the face of unhappy things, not satisfied but only know how to constantly criticize and resent each other, gradually improve the relationship may only be left full of pressure and impatient.

Try to keep yourself calm, tolerant to face the opponent's shortcomings and the momentary unhappiness, understand more and refrain less, the relationship of the couple will become should be better.

2. Don't keep repeating the same thing

No matter how good the relationship is, there will be a time for quarrels, but if each time keeps repeating the old things, counting from the beginning to the end of the opponent's mistakes will only push each other farther away. . Please understand and forgive each other's faults, and look to the future ahead.

3. Understand what your partner really needs

If you can understand what your partner really needs, carefully observing the smallest details of your life and giving help in a timely manner, it can make your partner feel loved and also able to do it. The relationship of the couple is more intimate.

For example, when the person is working too hard or is in bad health, don't ask them to do anything, make them a cup of hot tea, gently massage their heads for a while, say words of love ... these things all show a different kind of consideration to your people.

4. Sometimes traveling together

Having a couple when they are together for a long time will be difficult to avoid losing the feeling of love. If you can sometimes plan for a short trip, to visit new places or re-warm the memories of your first love days, you can not only relax but also find the sweetness. lost like honeymoon.

5. Always remember the original promise

Although affection is a matter between two people, after marriage, they have to face the expectations of their families or parents, for example, constantly urging to have children ... these things will always make couples feel emotional. So much pressure, even affect the relationship between husband and wife.

At this time, talk to your husband, keep in mind the original promises, so that your initial expectations and your mutual opinions become the strength to encourage each other to move forward, do not let the words and pressure on you. external impact on myself.

6. When arguing, think 3 times before speaking

When your husband and wife argue, no matter how angry and impatient you are, always remember that there are hurtful words that you cannot talk about. If it is wrong, it will not only "fuel the fire", but it will also cause an emotional fracture that cannot be repaired.

Therefore, when you want to say anything to relieve anger, you must absolutely think 3 times before speaking, it is best to consider whether or not to speak and the consequences after speaking and then opening your mouth.

7. Don't argue in front of outsiders

Blaming the other person in public, in front of friends or in front of others is one of the most taboo things between husband and wife. In order to maintain a good relationship, it is absolutely essential that you give in and compromise at the right time, if you do not know how to control your emotions, make the opponent awkward in public, to the very end. hurt not only the other person but also your marriage.

8. Always maintain humor

Scientific research shows that the more happiness a couple has in their relationship, the longer the relationship will last. Faced with life full of obstacles, unavoidably there will be times of sorrow and unhappiness, if you can keep the optimism and humor, you will also be able to make the normal days of the couple happy. looks, happy.

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