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5 Signs Identifying Adulterous Wife

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5 Signs Identifying Adulterous Wife

If you plan to keep your woman, you have no choice but to change yourself: limit bad habits, take care of your wife and family more.

With 15 years of experience in the field of family marriage counseling and adultery investigation, Tan Thien Long detective company experts would like to send readers the most accurate signs of an adulterous wife:

I. Signs of an adulterous wife through daily activities:

1. Wife changes to beautiful appearance to see

Married life is long, with the worry of rice and money and looking after children, often both husband and wife will gradually forget the habit of looking after each other to score points in each other's eyes as well. Suddenly, one day your wife started changing: cutting her hair, dyeing her hair, buying new clothes, working hard on makeup before going out, working hard or buying gym tickets, eating and complimenting to lose weight. , take care of face mask before going to bed. Maybe she wants to warm up the relationship between the couple, impressing you.

However, being a sober husband you cannot ignore the possibility that she changes her appearance to start another new relationship.

Changing appearance is the most recognizable sign of an adulterous wife.

2. Wife has a different expression.

This is a sign that your wife is an adulteress. For example, she often laughs alone, you talk but she does not answer, sometimes thoughtful, thinking ... Even sometimes she daydreaming thinking far away but you can not understand what she is thinking.

Today in addition to adultery through the body, there is another dangerous adultery is the adultery of thought. Adultery of the majority occurs in women, and once deep, it is very difficult to escape. Therefore, the husband must soon recognize the signs of adulterous wife thought to plan to preserve family happiness.

3. Or go to work and work late.

While your wife has never worked before, comes home late from work, recently she has said that she has to work regularly, or go on long business trips. This change is okay if it happens twice or twice, but if you repeat it many times, you have to pay attention to where she goes, what she does, and who she meets in the meantime.

Chances are your wife is busy sinking into an external affair with a 3rd person.

4. Regularly meet with sisters.

If she suddenly spends more time with social relationships without you, that's a bad sign. Even if she said it out to the girls' club, it wasn't really true.

It is normal and healthy for girls to gather for night outings on special occasions, so you don't need to worry if they don't happen often.

Wife lied to her husband to go adultery with strangers.

If your wife says you're going out and you suspect she's sneaking out to meet a man, try offering to go along. If she "changed her mind" and stayed home, she might have intended to go out alone to spend time with someone.

5. Adultery through computers or mobile phones.

In the era of 4.0 women, most of their family free time is using phones and computers due to work demands, entertainment, watching movies or texting with friends. Therefore, the husband must be very observant to see the signs that your wife is having an affair on the phone:

- Suddenly, one day did not let your husband and partner touch your personal phone.

- Or use social networks: facebook, zalo, to post pictures of yourself with different statuses.

- Texting with someone in the room but when you come in, hang up and not hear the message.

- The history of calls and messages are always deleted as a sign of adultery.

- Abnormal mood when using the phone: when happy, contented, angry without reason ...

6. Pay attention to your husband's schedule.

According to marriage and marriage counseling experts, a woman's sudden interest in her husband's work schedule is a sign of adultery.

Concerned about her husband's schedule: where does he go ?, what time do he get home from work? maybe it's because she wants to meet a third person at a time and place where her husband won't catch her. So sometimes men should pay attention and be careful when providing schedule information for his wife.

7. Constantly irritable with her husband.

When a woman changes her heart, the affection for her husband will also gradually disappear, leading to the conflict in the marriage between husband and wife. A number of small issues get into a heated argument, making excuses to blame you. They will not care about the pain in your heart. The long quarrels seriously affect the psychology of the couple and their children.

8. Look into her eyes.

According to research, people will avoid eye contact when they feel guilty or have something to hide. Try eye contact with your wife whenever possible and consider her attitude. If she dodges or turns away, it's a bad sign that her feelings are no longer for you.

Looking at his wife's eyes is a good way to verify his wife's adultery.

When you ask her where she went, what she did or who she looked at, it was especially important. Your wife will have a harder time making eye contact with her husband than usual because she has to lie to deny an affair.

II. Recognize signs of adultery women having sex through sex.

1. Wife shy away from wanting to have close relationships with her husband:

Women and men are different in that most men can go to bed with anyone even though they don't love to satisfy their physical needs, while most women go to bed only with the person they have feelings for (for example For example, when a husband touches a person, he always says a sentence: I'm too tired to sleep. So the fact that his wife shuns love or justifies the reason for refusing to have sex is because she may have noticed another man.

2. There is a strange scent on the wife's body:

Having been husband and wife living together for many years, the recognition on the wife appears strange smell: the smell of perfume, strange tobacco is very easy, if not from you or her, this is a sign that the wife is likely You are back and forth with other men.

3. More sophisticated wife with new positions:

Most women are quite clumsy and passive in sex. Suddenly, one day she joined the master more, with many different positions, ... maybe your wife just wants to change to make you more happy, less boring, but also a sign that your wife has a partner. new, using you to satisfy your desires with a third person in your mind.

More sophisticated wife in sex is a sign of adultery.

III. Reasons cheating wife or cheating wife when?

- Adulterous wife when married by matchmaking without love ,.

- When her husband is away, working away from home, working for a long time, making the wife lack of affection from her husband for a long time.

- Due to age differences, young husbands and wives, elderly women are in the spring recovery period but their husbands do not meet their sexual needs.

- Adulterous wife because of unable to control the emotion of being attracted by 1 man of the opposite sex: successful, handsome, elegant, well-spoken.

- Adulterous wife when revenge on adultery husband and wife: "he ate rolls, she ate nem".

- Adulterous wife when her husband is too spoiled.

- Adulterous wife because she wants to use her body to advance in her career.

IV. Women adultery with any object?

Based on long experience in the field of family marriage and private detectives, experts in Tan Thien Long would like to point out the objects that your wife may have an affair:

- An adulterous wife with a superior boss.

- Adultery with colleagues.

- An adulterous wife with a new acquaintance.

- Adultery with gym coach (PT), you exercise, yoga.

- Having an affair with your best friend.

- Having an affair with your husband's friend.

- Adulterous wife with ex-lover.

- Wife having an affair with lesbian (same-sex).

V. Looking for the truth is your wife having an affair?

- Through the signs of adulterous wife above:

Through the signs of adultery by marriage counseling experts Tan Thien Long you can confirm 80% of your wife has an affair or not. Your job is to string together and find evidence of adultery to find ways to keep the family happy.

- Through colleagues, friends of wife:

When she is not married, it is her colleagues and close friends who always observe her. Or ask them to see if your wife is having an affair with someone else.

- Thanks to the detective service of investigating adultery at Tan Thien Long:

You can use the service to track your adulterous wife to know the truth of your wife during your time away from home: where to go, what to do, who to meet. Detective Tan Thien Long with nearly over 7,000 successful affair investigations is committed to providing accurate evidence if your wife has a man other than her husband.

In conclusion, women who commit adultery often because their loved ones do not meet her feelings enough, do not protect, do not love, do not understand, ... but unless the woman whose promiscuous nature has entered the blood then the husband will have no way to save ... If you plan to keep your woman, you have no other way than to change yourself: limit bad habits, take care of your wife and family a lot than.

This is good for you, even if your wife does not commit adultery.

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