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5 Signs Identifying Adulterous Husband

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5 Signs Identifying Adulterous Husband

The discovery of the first sign of adultery from the beginning is something every delicate woman should know when she comes to the threshold of marriage. This will help you keep your family happy, draw your husband to you and avoid the mental loss for those involved.

I. Accurate husband signs adultery:

With more than 15 years of experience in marriage and family counseling and adultery detective tracking services. Experts of Tan Thien Long detective company would like to draw the most accurate signs of husband cheating to send to readers - women, wives in the family.

II. Signs of adultery easily recognize when at home:

1. Change in appearance:

The first manifestation of her husband's adultery is to change her appearance: suddenly working out to exercise for a firmer body, her hair is always neat, her perfume is fragrant, instead of pulling some clothes When he went to work like usual, he suddenly bought new clothes to dress up.

Men or women alike alike only pay attention to appearance when there are new objects secretly love memory theft

2. Do not wear wedding rings:

Marriage is a testament to the couple's love results. The man who loves his wife and sees the family as the number 1 will always wear it on his hand when out.

Until 1 day, you discover your husband or remove the wedding ring before going to work, or when coming home without seeing the wedding ring on your hand. If only 1, 2 times, it may be due to amnesia, but many times it is likely that he is meeting other girls but does not want her to find out that she is a married man. You should not ignore this sign of adultery.

3. See condoms in personal belongings:

You see in condos, purses, trouser pockets, condoms, pockets of condoms stored in a very private place. Relationship couples sometimes use condoms, but you can not be subjective because maybe your husband can use it to have sex with other women.

4. There is a strange scent, lipstick on the body:

You are a long-time husband and wife, there is no strange smell on your husband's body that you cannot identify. The husband will come home from work late and take a shower and change to clean clothes to remove all traces of his body, but on his old clothes may still have strange scents, lipstick marks of the woman. other women ... this is evidence of adultery if you are observant will be easy to identify.

5. Change in sex

That or the sex relationship between the couple suddenly changed abnormally probably because he was gathering in ... other places.

This is one of the most accurate accusations of adultery. Because when having an affair with another woman, the testosrerone hormone of men will change. Most of the adulterous men often appear tired, the night does not want to be close to the wife because they have devoted all their energy to the lover during the day.

However, there are many opposite cases, where husbands and adulterers, but sex between husband and wife is more frequent, in new ways. So the fact that a husband is suddenly "more enthusiastic" with his wife is not necessarily a good sign in a marriage.

A change in sex is a sign that your husband may have an outside relationship.

6. Weak spending:

As husband and wife together, all expenditures and monthly wages must be transparent to each other. Most men, when they get paid, give to their wives for living expenses and for managing family money. But up to a month your husband excuses enough reason to receive guests, your child's birthday, ... to give less than 1/3 or even only ½ of the original amount. This is a sign that your husband may be saving money to focus on investing in another relationship.

You should also pay attention if you find unusual bills at places your husband does not habitually save.

7. Mood swings:

When adultery, men often change psychology and behavior under the following three cases:

One is to feel guilty for his wife, who wants to atone for the sake of stealing should make romantic actions, giving gifts, flowers, texting a bird's nest.

Or the second case, they often unjustly angry, quarrel with his wife to get a good reason to sneak out with his mistress.

Sadness and sadness: happy because he had a new love, sad because he felt regret about deception?

8. Changing work schedule or busy at night:

Daily life is also one of the criteria you need to keep an eye on. This time suddenly he goes home early, there is no specific time for work, nor can you explain clearly about the daily schedule.

You ask, often excuse the reason for the unexpected, busy meeting or meeting, going on business 2-3 days ... this is a sign that your husband has an affair you need to pay attention.

9. Indifferent to the family, wife and children, want more private space:

When he comes home from work, he no longer wants to be close, share chores and take care of his children with his friends. Taking time out of your own space is a normal need of each person. But when it goes beyond the daily pattern, or more often, or less, it's a sign that something's going to happen.

III. Signs of husband having an affair with a lover by phone:

1. Set a phone password, chat application on the phone:

When adultery, most men will embank on the phone with texting, chatting, but will set a password for the phone or chat software: zalo, viber, wechat ... Especially, please pay attention to the application. using zalo, your husband may be hiding a text message with another person you may not know even though he has held the device ...

2. Using multiple social networks:

You see your husband using social networks more, especially facebook, or share mood lines, love, have new Facebook friends (most likely one of these new friends is his husband's mistress friend)…

The husband suddenly takes care of using social networks.

3. Incoming phone calls are not heard:

Sometimes you see many calls recently but the husband just looked at the number and did not listen, press the screen or extinguish the call completely.

4. Stealthy texting and messaging:

Your husband often unexpectedly goes out for a walk, goes to the neighborhood, goes to take out the trash, ... 1 2 minutes: actually he goes out to comfortably call and text your boyfriend without your knowing.

5. The utility history on the phone is often erased:

Once you've held your husband's phone and you check the chat utility applications, email messages are deleted do not think your husband is clean. Maybe he knows you suspect you will be checking your phone so he wipes it out first.

IV. Your husband can adultery with any object?

Many women think that the third person who interferes with their relationship is often a woman who is doing a lowly job. But according to experience at Tan Thien Long, men can have an affair with anyone they know, that they meet.

- Having an affair with your ex:

is unexpected when your spouse suddenly has a relationship with your ex, this is a case of friction between the couple, which can lead to serious consequences of divorce.

- Men who have an affair with colleagues:

The top danger for women is the workplace environment. Because unlike other working environments, the office environment can be considered as a second home, a place to meet with young and beautiful female employees often, with plenty of free time to talk, public schedules cooperation, tourism festivals together makes many of his colleagues easily waver and fall in love.

- Adultery with close friends:

The saddest thing of a woman is that her husband has an affair with his best friend without even knowing it. Part of it is because of the over-believe women and their men and close friends.

- Adultery with service girls: bar, karaoke, pub, massage:

This is an object that women often think their husbands are dating. With this object, men often have adultery only to satisfy their physiological needs, with no long-term intention, but also to pay attention.

- Having an affair with a maid, osin:

Having adultery with osin is what makes women depressed and miserable ... This also adversely affects children, losing the image of fathers in the family.

V. Some main reasons for cheating husband:

There is a survey on family marriage forums in the US that more than 80% of the husbands interviewed confessed to having had at least 1 adultery in their life. So the reason why husbands go to adultery outside. The marriage consultant family Tan Thien Long would like to give 8 main reasons why men commit adultery:

1. Adulterous husband when his wife is pregnant.

2. Your husband cheated on his wife when she was in color, without looking after her appearance.

3. When having long-term marriage without children.

4. When a wife doesn't care about her husband.

5. When the husband goes on a business trip, away from work.

6. When the husband meets with his ex.

7. Wife does not meet the physiological needs of her husband.

8. Outside temptations: office, alcohol, friends ...

If your husband shows signs of adultery, then he is likely to have a woman other than you. However, there are signs that your husband may not love you but you are just feeling outside. It is imperative to preserve happiness and draw my husband back to me. In order to do that, you must have authentic evidence of adultery to plan to keep family happiness. If you need to consult detective service to find evidence of adultery, please contact hotline . Detective Tan Thien Long with 15 years of adultery investigation experience will be pleased to advise and serve you.

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