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4 Causes That Matter Modern Fragments

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4 Causes That Matter Modern Fragments 1

4 Causes That Matter Modern Fragments

In marriage, there are even minor mistakes that can silently destroy a couple's happiness that you need to fix early.

Too focused on electronic devices

The development of general invisible science and technology has caused you to focus too much on electronic devices, and get caught up in that vortex of it.

Many people spend more time on phones and computers than they spend on their own families. They spend most of their days sitting at the computer, or holding a phone instead of spending time caring for their small family.

You need to understand that the virtual world on social networks can not bring you a happy family life, so if you have the best time, you should spend more for your family, because it is also life. that you need.

It's best not to lose your own life because of the appearance of these digital devices.

Too passive in love

Sublimation in sex life is partly due to the role of women, they are "actors, directors", who keep fire for love without having to be given and received. According to Marie Andersen, a psychologist, when a woman is too active in love, it has badly affected marriage today.

According to experts, this comes from the mind, in the mind of men. Although now couples are "modern" but nonetheless, their parents are still the old style. Men will be disappointed, will be helpless if they do not "dominate" in love.

Lack of interest

If marriage becomes dull, it is obvious that both spouses lose interest in the relationship. When both husband and wife are actively involved in creating interesting and fun things, the marriage has a better chance.

When the marriage turns into a gentleman's football match every Sunday and goes shopping with the ladies' girlfriends, instead of spending time together to participate in these new experiences, this time their marriage will slowly die.

Conflicts about parenting

Parenting is always a problem for most couples, so any parent wishes to have the best in the world for their children.

However, if the couple does not have a consensus on how to raise their children, instead just wanting to orient their children according to their methods and methods will also become the main cause of breaking the couple's affection. friend.

Therefore, in order to avoid spouses in parenting, it is best to sit with your partner to clarify your views and desires, listen to the opinions of the other person, respect your thoughts and wishes of the other half, from which both of you can sit down to discuss and outline the best route for your children.

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