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10 Psychological Things Adultery Women Must Know!

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10 Psychological Things Adultery Women Must Know! 1

10 Psychological Things Adultery Women Must Know!

Why men commit adultery? Or mentality of men when adultery? These are two of the many questions asked by women and sent to the marriage counseling specialist family detective service Tan Thien Long.

I. Men and women who commit adultery more?

In the US, the latest survey of family marriage found that 70% of men admitted they had betrayed their partners. For women, this number also reached more than 60% of the vote. This proves that men still have more adultery than women but the gap between the two sides is increasingly narrowed.

The percentage of men who commit adultery is still more than women.

II. The reason men commit adultery:

The motives leading to adultery behavior of men and women are completely different. Women commit adultery when they are tired of their current marriage. They want to find empathy, look for someone who can understand and share. Only when they no longer have feelings for their husband, when they are no longer looking in the same direction will they find and accept another man.

For men, many people think that the most important reason for adultery lies in unhappy marriage, but not so. The majority of men, though happy with their fullness in the "beautiful wife and smart children", still always "craving for strange things", craving for new things or also known as "bored rice and pho craving"

In fact, most of them consider it just a pleasure, just a pleasure to satisfy their physiological needs and absolutely no love so they do not feel guilty and absolutely do not want to bear any What responsibility for mistress.

III. Signs of adultery today?

To identify his man adultery is not difficult, sometimes just through a few expressions below are sisters can catch:

- Natural change of style, take care of his appearance.

- The frequency of sexual relations changes.

- Set passwords or change passwords of computers, phones, smart devices.

- Often text and call a strange phone number.

- Using many social networks: zalo, facebook, ..

- On clothes with a different fragrance or lipstick.

- Change your schedule or care about your daily schedule.

- Spend money on unclear purposes.

- Or excuse yourself when you ask.

Manifestations of adultery are a change in the frequency of relationships.

IV. Men often adultery with whom?

Many women think that the third person who interferes with their relationship is often a woman who is doing a lowly job. But according to experience at Tan Thien Long, men can have an affair with anyone they know, that they meet.

- Men who have an affair with colleagues:

The top danger for women is the workplace environment. Because unlike other working environments, the office environment can be considered as a second home, a place to meet with young and beautiful female employees often, with plenty of free time to talk, public schedules cooperation, tourism festivals together makes many of his colleagues easily waver and fall in love.

- Adultery with close friends:

The saddest thing of a woman is that her husband has an affair with his best friend without even knowing it. Part of it is because of the over-believe women and their men and close friends.

- Having an affair with your ex:

Unexpected thing when suddenly your partner has a relationship with your ex, this is a case of friction between the couple, which can lead to serious consequences of divorce.

- Having an affair with a maid, osin:

Having adultery with osin is what makes women depressed and miserable ... This also adversely affects children, losing the image of fathers in the family.

- Adultery with service girls: bar, karaoke, pub, massage:

This is an object that women often think their husbands are dating. With this object, men often have adultery only to satisfy their physiological needs, with no long-term intention.

V. Do adultery love your lover?

According to experts at Tan Thien Long, there are 2 streams of opinion on this issue:

1. No:

Husband and wife are two strangers who meet and put on that title. But the wife will be willing to go with you to the end of the earth, sharing the sweet and bitter things in life. Most men consider mistresses to be mere strangers to satisfy their physiological needs.

2. Yes

Not all men come to mistress for sex. Sometimes they come together completely because of love, not enchanted as many women often think. Maybe before getting married, he has not found the right mind, married because the family pressed. So when finding the right person, it is also normal to have sincere feelings. Men who commit adultery always feel that the third person is really pitiful. Therefore, he always felt that he really loved that person, always seeking to protect his mistress wholeheartedly.

Many people often think that men seek love only to satisfy the flesh. But some people don't take it seriously.

VI. Why does an affair man not leave his wife?

Asked 10 he had an affair, then 9 did not want to leave his wife, 1 he was silent. Although his wife is older, not as beautiful as her boyfriend, her hair smells of oil smoke, rough hands or a greasy belly. But it is the woman with the title to me, with me through the many years of many memories of youth, as the mother who raised and raised my children. The man who had an affair when he came home and saw his wife's platter waiting for him to feel very tormented, both ashamed and angry at himself for not loving his wife and children.

The relationship between the man and his partner is based solely on the interests of both sides. Men seeking out-of-the-box relationships are due to craving for something new, a strange feeling, not being able to control themselves, but when they wake up, most people stop giving up straight, without wavering.

Psychological affair men still do not leave his wife.

VII. General adultery man:

- Eyes fluttering in love:

Wet-eyed women are normal, but wet-eyed men are extremely unpredictable. If the eyes laugh, always full of mood, not to mention laughed, laughed even more attractive, the girls should stay away, he owns the characteristics of extremely typical adulterous men!

- Whites with moles:

Men who have moles in the white are extremely peach blossom, just a glance of love is the block "hit". Women and girls often come and give to them automatically, but they don't bother to hunt or seduce.

- Thin lips, uneven thickness:

"Pointed beaks" (ie mouth with a protrusion in front) are those who "slash" the sentence, or eel stumble, dishonest. In addition to the thin lips, it proves that the owner is a talkative type, meet anyone who can get acquainted, talk, especially the opposite sex attraction.

Because of that special skill "lip dance", these men also "flirtatious" super, has targeted her as if she could hardly escape the love of this guy.

- Smooth eyebrow, tail has moles:

Men who have smooth eyebrows, and moles on their backs have a good sense of humor! And girls are "love by ear", flattering a few sentences and falling down in an instant. But from the point of view of the anthropology, men with this look have no loyalty in love.

VIII. Men adultery at any age?

- Age 33:

They have somewhat had a career. Having young people, having careers, having wives or taking care of small children makes them more likely to develop an off-line relationship.

- Age 49:

Their career age is not much to worry about, the children have also grown up. When all economic conditions are sufficient, men easily develop the feeling of wanting more than what they have.

IX. The moment when men have adultery?

- Men commit adultery when their wives get pregnant: the vast majority of men commit adultery at this time due to their unsatisfied sex needs.

- When the couple is far away, they do not have time to be close to each other.

- When financial abundance, career solid: men have a lot of free time so it is easy to arise external relationships.

- When not respected by his wife, men will look to women who can confide and share with them.

- Unhappy marriage, marriage by being assigned.

X. What does an affair man lose?

1. The first is the family:

First of all, the word "Tin". For men, they have many ways to build trust in women. Not only are the words of the road, compliment the contestant in the ear but also material things that can easily redeem people's hearts. However, it is because they take the trust of women that they easily betray that belief quickly. Men clearly distinguish between love and cohabitation. Therefore, for them the fact that they are dating someone does not mean that they love that person, sometimes just to satisfy their physiological needs. It is worth mentioning that because they think women are easy to love and also easily forgive, they assume that they have the right to put their own desirable interests first. They forget that once they commit adultery, they will deeply hurt a woman's heart, and even if later when she actually does something sincerely, they will be put into suspicion. advice.

2. Career:

Not only their families but also their careers will be affected. Surely many people wonder if their private life is not exposed, they will always keep their career without anyone having the right to intervene. Men in a low position, even if they suffer from losses, will not be equal to those of the position, reputation and position in society. Adultery affects the trust that colleagues and the company give them. It took dozens of years to strive but lost narrowly just because the strange ham's is normal. Not to mention the director who wants to stamp a stamp with the office girl. The result of the affair is "love tan, life tan, career lost.

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