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10 reasons for broken marriages

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10 reasons for broken marriages

The root cause of the breakup of a relationship is the selfishness that causes an explosion in one or both.


This is considered the cause of marriage breakup, even the most common divorce in modern society today. The appearance of a third person is a cause of rift between many couples. When you start living together, you two swear to love each other forever, but when "half" can't do it, how can you trust them anymore?

On the other hand, adultery often occurs when a relationship of two people has a certain problem, so when one person finds a way to go to bed with another person, other than their spouse, their home has been downhill without brakes.

Physical or mental abuse

This was one of the main factors that eventually broke the marriage. This is due to the violent attitude and behavior of either partner. The spouse is the person who has to suffer the consequences of acts of violence, physical and mental intimidation. That is why they have few opportunities for a relationship / marriage to continue for a long time.

Conflicts about money

The difficult material life, the lack of money ... are the causes of the broken families of many families, which can make a very beautiful, intense love and cannot resist. Concerns about rice and rice money make people easily frustrated and angry, resulting in friction, not to mention caring and caring for each other.


Because money or more precisely, it is because of lack of money, or because the unfair distribution of money in the opinion of the spouse leads to the couple or break up. Often, the main cause of family quarrels is not the standard of living but the method of spending money. So, before getting to the court, you should see a psychologist or sociologist, to guide family budget planning.

The sex of the couple

Reasons such as sexual intercourse are incompatible, husband or wife is for some reason incapable of maintaining race. This is the reason why people come to the "adultery" story, then have to break up because of the times of "eating rolls, spring rolls". But before you break up, you should change your "living regimen" to improve the dissonance in your sex life, as well as to find ways to improve and get new members. in the family.

Time spent together

Time is the most scarce thing in modern day industrialization. Both husband and wife are always busy and can hardly find free time together. They are more concerned with their work and how to make money than they are about their family and happiness. However, the reality is that couples need to spend time with their marriage. Don't let work dictate and take control of your life. Only then can you avoid the situation of empty houses, cold kitchen after work.

Criticize and compare in marriage

Criticism is the work of writers who make a living. It is not a necessary part of the marital relationship. It is absolutely essential that you help your partner correct your mistakes and improve yourself. However, do not constantly pull his / her imperfections to criticize and compare with anyone. That will irritate and make "partners" find themselves outraged. Once and twice it might be normal but things will happen by the tenth time.

Conflict conflict, can not find common ground

Some couples have no trouble agreeing on everything in life, but on the other hand, there are couples who can't find anything in common. In these couples, things often start out quite well, because the difference of opinion about things makes them feel interesting and that makes them attractive and attractive to each other.

Opinions are mixed and do not find common purpose in marriage

But when creating cohabitation, raising children together and having bonds, conflicts can cause more frustration and often become the main factor leading to the separation between them.

Confused about the shared object

Have you ever loved friend relationships, work more than marriage? Do you need more sharing and advice from them than your partner? This is also one of the early signs of broken marriages.

The one standing behind

The intervention of relatives (or spouses), relatives, and friends can sometimes be very harmful to a spousal relationship. If the couple themselves are in harmony, you can resist outside influences. For example, if you leave each other because your mother-in-law (mother-in-law), brother-in-law (sister-in-law) ... interfere with your family, not because of a "third person", you must review the relationship of husband and wife friend. And the result is that you are weak, fluctuating in front of another object, which is the reason that leads you to adultery.

Mistakes in view accept all

If a certain personality of a lover makes you feel uncomfortable (such as stinginess, dirtiness, for example) but you still choose him because of other advantages, then when signing the marriage registration, you signed the divorce application already.

Remember, when love people often overlook the error is often considered "small", the small dissatisfaction is engulfed by the sweet feelings of love affair. But gradually, in family life, increasingly uncomfortable things "emerge" leading to discord, conflict, even cracking, broken marriages.

There are many reasons for broken marriages, for each family and for each couple, the causes are different. Regardless of the cause, please consider and think carefully to make a decision together. When you really feel like your relationship is having a problem, find a psychologist who may be amateur to share and support you at such times.

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